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Wellness and beauty


Wellness and beauty

Beauty and health are two inseparable concepts. Glowing skin, shiny hair and beautiful nails – all this comes only with good health, which is why health experts always work in collaboration with spa and beauty salons.

Were you finishing things at work and did not have time to prepare for the holiday? No worries! Experts of the beauty salon of «Golden Line Hotel» will help you in this matter. The services of hairdressers, cosmetologists and makeup artists are always at your service. A fresh manicure and pedicure will help you feel confident and allow you to appreciate the little niceties.. After proper care, your skin will be much better prepared for sun baths and producing vitamin D.

Massage and cosmetology rooms, Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi and a hairdresser – everything is close and allows you to transform yourself in one visit, be prepared for attention and admiring glances. And a healthy glow in your holiday photos will definitely impress your friends.

Massage services:

  • Aroma massage 60 min, tea – 45 €
  • Classic massage – 30 €
  • Back, neck, shoulders – 15 €
  • Peeling in the Turkish bath – 30 €
  • Anti-cellulite massage – 28 €
  • Body Scrub – 25 €
  • Massage Therapy (mud) – 30 €
  • Spot foot massage – 23 €
  • Children’s chocolate massage – 25 €

The full price list you can find here.

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