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Those who like outdoor activities will appreciate the various sports equipment available for rent at the hotel. For those who prefer slower and calmer recreation, they can enjoy the cool shade of the many indigenous trees on our grounds reading or just relaxing.

The sports equipment includes water polo balls, frisbees, boards for swimming and other equipment for water activities. You can choose to rent a bike and go for a ride along the coast.


Billiard is one of the oldest games, designed in Asia and popular around the world nowadays. The game of kings, it helps to get your thoughts in order. The slow pace of the game makes it perfect to combine with a quite calm conversation with onlookers. In our billiard room you will be able to enjoy the game and make new friends.

Ping pong

This famous American game is ideal for those who need to stay focused and to practice reaction. The game helps communication and mutual understanding, because the basic rule – the ball should not fly beyond the field! Fun and simple, this game entertain both children and adults. Arrange a ping-pong tournament with family and friends and celebrate the victory with a dinner in one of the «Golden Line Hotel» restaurants.

Chess and backgammon

Take a chance to spend an evening in an intellectual chess combat or teach your family members to play this game. Hours spent on playing chess are hours spent not only pleasantly but also usefully.

Backgammonis a tricky game, you never know what the result will be: will you slowly and carefully calculate your moves or lose your temper and throw the dice outside of the board. The only thing you can know for sure is that this game can bring many hours of pleasure.

Water games

Water games is one of the best entertainments for those who consider “sports” a synonym for “life.” Are you active, positive and easily get along with people? Then water games in the pool of the «Golden Line Hotel» complex is just what you need.

Water aerobics

Water aerobics will appeal to anyone who does not see the fun in ordinary sports exercises and loves to do sports in the water.

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