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Топ места на черноморието за семейна почивка


Ако искате да изпитате българското крайбрежие на Черно море в цялата си красота, а след това най-добрият начин можете да направите това е да се потопете в опита. Това означава, че трябва да се присъединят към апарт хотел и настаняване там, след това посети най-добрите места в региона.

Това, което прави брега открояват е фактът, че тук можете да намерите страхотни Apart Hotel Golden Line празници в някои много ниски диапазони за ценообразуване. Всичко се свежда до опита, който може да се получи в крайна сметка, но резултатите със сигурност ще се открояват.

Топ места на черноморието за семейна почивка

Златни пясъци са най-добрият избор, който можете да направите, ако искате да се настанят тук, всичко е въпрос на качество и внимание към детайла и с добра почивка апарт хотел в Златни пясъци можете наистина да изследва всичко, че регионът може да предложи което е това, което има значение, най-много.

Ако сте фен на Golden Line празници не се колебайте и да получите вашите собствени места в почивка апарт хотел, си невероятно ваканция чака!

Oл инклузив на море 2017


Апарт-Хотел Golden Line Ви предлага най-добрата възможност да прекарате времето си с най-близките хора на брега на морето и всичко това докато сте заобиколени от красивите пейзажи , които Златни Пясъци предлага. Потопете се в красотата на региона и си подарете заслужена почивка.

Нищо не е по-привлекателно, от това да се настаните в това морско бижу хотел Golden Line и се позабавлявате.

Всичко, което трябва да направите, е да се влезете в сайта на хотела и ще получите всички огромни възможности, които предлагаме. Така, че не се бавете и резервирайте в Golden Line арарт-хотел и ще бъдете изумени от резултата!


Vacation in Bulgaria at the Black Sea Apart Hotel Golden Line


Vacation in Bulgaria at the Black Sea Apart Hotel Golden Line

One of the coolest things that you can do if you want to enjoy your vacation in Bulgaria is to just have fun and find the best holiday hotel out there. Thankfully, once you accommodate to the Golden Line beach hotel you can obtain an incredible experience and a stellar set of results, all while not spending that much to begin with.

The ability to explore all these Bulgaria golden sands holidays on a budget is amazing, especially since this is one of the most interesting and coveted resort in the entire Black Sea region.

All you have to do is to perform a reservation for your Golden Line beach hotel and then the results will definitely pay off. It all comes down to how much you want to invest on the Bulgaria golden sands holidays and once you do so the results will definitely pay off in the long run. So, don’t hesitate and check out this great vacation, you will love the results!



Family Holiday in Bulgaria Apart Hotel Golden Line


A simple Family Holiday in Bulgaria ¬is maybe the best thing that you need after a tumultuous week. It’s a great way to boost your entire experience and at the same time you can also remove the stress that accumulates during the year.

Exploring the beauty of the Bulgarian thanks to a GoldenLine beach hotel is exactly what you are looking for and with the proper tools at your disposal the experience can definitely stand out.

Our holiday club hotel has created the perfect, family friendly environment that you can use in order to boost the entire experience and just have fun. It’s an amazing way to ensure that you obtain all results you want all while having fun properly.

Nothing is better than just exploring the beautiful possibilities of a GoldenLine beach hotel with your family so just check out this opportunity as you won’t be disappointed!

Play Room / Kids Club

The room is located on the ground floor of the hotel and has an additional entrance from the pool. The room is furnished with soft furniture for the children’s safety and has everything you need for an interesting pastime – attributes for drawing, toys, and, of course, the small group of like-minded people. The room staff is always watching the kids for their safety.

Visiting room is free for guests.

Hours: 9 am to 9 pm.

Children in the hotel

When planning your holiday in the «Golden Line Hotel» you can have peace of mind about your children. The hotel provides everything needed for a comfortable stay for our younger guests as well.

Game room, babysitting service, a children’s pool, and even the menu in the restaurant – is thought out so that both you and your children could rest comfortably and get the most out of your vacation.

Swimming pool

Shallow and safe with an incline allowing gradual entering of the water. The children’s pool is right next to the adult one which allows to control the safety of children. Both pool’s are filled with warm thermal water and has water toys and supported devices for comfortable swimming training.

Area: 56.25 m2, 60 cm deep.

Pool Hours: 8 am to 8 pm

Children SPA

Spa complex is ready to offer its pleasant services not only to adults but to the younger guests too. Your kids will love the chocolate massage and cold water splash bucket. Children under 18 are not permitted in the SPA without the supervision of their parents.


Babysitting for children from 2 years old is available both in-room and on-site.

Cost: 5.00 Bulgarian Levs per child per hour.

Hours: Available 24 hours with advance notice please.

Restaurant menu

In all of the restaurants you will find a children’s menu designed to meet the needs of the growing body. All restaurants also have highchairs.

book_now Family Holiday in Bulgaria Apart Hotel Golden Line

Почивка,почивка, почивка…!!!


Ура и аз ще ходя на почивка!!!

До всички домашни любимци, които пропускат почивката заради това, че не ги приемат по хотелите, да знаят, че в Golden Line Apart Hotel са добре дошли. 

Хотелът предлага всички условия и вие да почивате добре с Вашите стопани!

Child Friendly Holidays Apart Hotel Golden Line


Child Friendly Holidays  Apart Hotel Golden Line

No Golden Sands Bulgaria holidays are amazing for your kids without the proper activities. If you give kids something to do and a great view, they will definitely be immersed into the entire region which is what makes the entire experience fun in the first Child Friendly Holidays  Apart Hotel Golden Line

With so many unique location and a great attention to detail, the ability to visit a Golden Line hotel and accommodate there for a little bit will offer you the experience and attention to detail you want. Our Golden Line hotel is delivering the best Golden Sands Bulgaria holidays out there for the entire family and since we offer a child friendly environment, you can easily bring your whole family with you.

All you need is to get in touch with us immediately and book your Golden Sands Bulgaria holidays then get your Golden Line hotel accommodation, then you can rest assured that the results will definitely pay off.



book_now Child Friendly Holidays  Apart Hotel Golden Line


Book now your holiday in Bulgaria Golden Line Apart Hotel


Bulgaria is a country of beauty, extremes and great pricing for vacations. That’s why you need to Book now your holiday in Bulgaria because not only can you get amazing prices for a Golden Line beach hotel, but you can save an immense amount of money without a problem in just a few days.

You just have to book our holiday club hotel for as much time as you want and as many people as you want, then we will immediately assist you with anything you might need.

It’s important to note that booking your holiday is simple if you opt for our Golden Line beach hotel, so you should definitely keep that in mind because it’s really important. Just keep a true attention to what matters for you and immerse yourself into the adventure of your life. Book our holiday hotel right now and make the ultimate Bulgarian vacation a realitybook_now Book now your holiday in Bulgaria Golden Line Apart Hotel

Apart Hotel Golden Line Bulgaria


A Golden Line Apart Hotel Bulgaria offers you the best opportunity to spend your time wisely in Bulgaria all while being surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes out there. You need to check it at a holiday club hotel and once you do so you can easily explore the Golden Line as well as take your time to immerse yourself into the beauty of the region.

Nothing is more visually appealing than just checking in at a Golden Line beach hotel and having fun as you explore all the possibilities that come your way. That’s what really moves you forward and the more you stay in the region the better it gets.

It’s amazing to visit the Golden Line Apart Hotel Bulgaria and that’s why you should accommodate at a holiday club hotel. All you have to do is to check out the immense possibilities you can obtain here so give them a try and you will be amazed with the outcome!

book_now Apart Hotel Golden Line Bulgaria


This All Inclusive Bulgaria 2017 package


Sometimes you are just sick and tired of exclusive tours and visits in Bulgaria, you just want to have it all.

This All Inclusive Bulgaria 2017 package is created specifically for you and it integrates all the help that you want in a very professional and refined package.It offers you the ultimate Bulgaria beach holiday all while delivering the luxury and comfort that you would expect.

You start at our Apart Hotel and from there you can reach just about any location in the country.

This All Inclusive Bulgaria 2017 package

Remember, with our Bulgaria beach holiday you can harness the power of great pricing all while reaching a variety of unique locations all over the region.
If you truly want to have fun within the Golden Line, don’t hesitate and book your spot at the Apart Hotel Golden Line for this summer. Have fun and re-energize yourself immediately, it’s really exciting!

За Децата и Играта


Планирайки своята почивка в комплекса «Golden Line», вие можете да не се безпокоите за своите чада. Хотелът е предвидил всичко необходимо за комфортното пребиваване и на малките гости.

Игрална стая, услуги на бавачка, детски басейн и даже меню в ресторантите – всичко е премислено така, че и вие, и вашите деца да можете да си почивате комфортно.

Детски басейн

Недълбок и безопасен, с постепенен стъпаловиден вход във водата. Детският басейн се намира в непосредствена близост от този за възрастни, осигурявайки по този начин постоянен контрол на детето. Басейнът е напълнен с топла термална вода и е снабден с водни играчки и поддържащи уреди за комфортно обучение по плуване.

Площ: 56,25 м2, дълбочина 60 см.

Работно време: от 8:00 до 20:00.

Детска площадка

Свежият въздух е неразделна част от формирането на имунитета. Ден прекаран на разходка е тухличка в бъдещото здраве на вашето дете. Детската площадка на територията на хотела, оборудвана с всичко необходимо за весело и интересно прекарване на вашите деца, е онова, което им е нужно.

Люлки, пързалки, гимнастически уреди, разнообразни стълби – всичко това ще помогне на децата да прекарат интересен и активен ден.

Детска стая за игри

mini-club-bernardin-300x225 За Децата и Играта

Разположена е на партерния етаж на хотела. Допълнително има вход от страна на басейна. Стаята е обзаведена с мека мебел за безопасност на децата и има всичко необходимо за интересно прекарване на времето – принадлежности за рисуване, играчки и разбира се, група малки единомишленици. В стаята постоянно присъстват служители на хотела, наблюдаващи за безопасността.

Посещението за гостите е безплатно.

Работно време: от 09.00 до 21.00.

Детски услуги на СПА-центъра

СПА-центърът на комплекса също ще зарадва малките гости с приятни услуги. Вашите деца ще бъдат във възторг от шоколадовия масаж и мехурчетата в джакузито наглеждани от родителите.

Детско меню

Във всички ресторанти ще намерите детско меню, разработено с оглед потребностите на растящия организъм. Всички ресторанти разполагат и с детски столчета за хранене.